Atheist Society
Melbourne, Australia

For those who are happy to accept that there is no credible scientific or factually reliable evidence for the existence of a god or gods or the supernatural.

Monthly Lectures  -   Visitors Welcome
Second Tuesday of the month at 8 pm.
Unitarian Church Hall, 110 Grey Street, East Melbourne. (Opposite the old Mercy Hospital). Melways Map 2G, D2. Admission free, no prior booking necessary, all welcome. The talk usually goes for 45-60 minutes. A question-to-the-speaker period follows the lecture.

Atheists in the Pub Meet like-minded people for friendly discussion
The Edinburgh Castle, 681 Sydney Rd, Brunswick (cnr Albion St).
First Friday of the month. 6pm-9pm. Next meeting Feb 2, 2014. Pastafarians welcome. Occasional 5 min open-mic sessions. For information, contact: John Perkins

Atheist Choir - new event - for all those choristers who want to sing atheist songs. The third Tuesday of the month, 8pm. Same venue, time, as Lectures: Unitarian Church. One week after lecture. For information, contact: John Perkins on 0411 143744.

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Lecture Programme
11 Feb Rick Barker (Philosophy Forum) DarwinDay Lecture
"The Pleistocene Epoch and the Emergence of the Genus Homo"
11 March Sudhir Kumar (Melbourne Atheist)
"Origin of Religion and Atheism in Eastern Thought"
08 April Dr. Tamas Pataki (Author, "Against Religion")
"The Virtues of Atheism and Vices of Religion"
13 May Jonathan Rutherford (Co-author, "Beloved Father: Beloved Son")
"God and the Subjectivity of Ethics"
10 June John Stewart (
"Evolution and the Meaning of Life"
08 July Dr. Joe Sampson (Humanist Society of Victoria)
"The Democratic Labor Party (DLP) and Bob Santamaria"
12 August Nigel Sinnott (Former editor, 'The Freethinker' UK)
"English Boarding Schools and Muscular Christianity"
09 Septembe Dr. William Hall (Evolutionary Biology of Species and Organisations)
"Evolutionary epistemology versus faith and justified true belief: Does science work and can we know the truth?"
14 October Andrew Rawlings (Progressive Atheists)
"The Progress of Atheism"
11 November John Perkins (Melbourne Atheist)
"Moral Principlism: A General Solution to the problem of formulating non-religious ethics"
9 December Graeme Lindenmayer (
"What if you were wrong?"
10 February Rick Barker (Philosophy Forum) Charles Darwin Day lecture:
"The 19th Century Gorilla Wars: A struggle between science and faith"
10 March Elida Radig (Atheist Alliance International)
"Feminism and Atheism: The International View"

The Atheist Society is for Atheists, Agnostics and Free-Thinkers.  We have no agreed definition of Atheism, nor of Agnosticism, nor of  Religion. We have no common position on most issues. So we agree to  disagree.

In my opinion, Atheists have a lack of belief in God, in gods, in the Divine, in the Spiritual, in the Supernatural, in the Occult, in Superstition, and in supernatural processes such as Re-incarnation and Astrology, as well as a lack of belief in paranormal phenomena such as Extra Sensory Perception and Unidentified Flying Objects.

In my opinion, Atheists should not be afraid to say that they "don't know", that they do not have an answer. To an Atheist, a lack of knowledge should not be a fearful vacuum which must be filled with fairy-tale mumbo-jumbo. Nevertheless, those with religious beliefs, etcetera, are very welcome to attend our meetings and to participate in the discussions  which follow the talks and lectures.

We do not bother with formal membership. Consequently, we don't have a membership fee. Although our lectures are free, we do however pass the 'begging-bowls' around in an attempt to cover the cost of our meeting room. If one can afford it, $2 is usually sufficient.

For further information, or to discuss Atheism, contact me,
David Miller, Secretary. Telephone: 03 9467 2063
Mail: PO Box 1111, Bundoora, Victoria 3083, Australia.

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